It is a time of turmoil in Terra Steed. The Goddess mare, Daybreak, is a wise and gentle force for good in the world that she has created. Everything changes when she faces a force that all of her power cannot control: a teenager.

Daybreak’s adopted daughter, Nightfall, has never fully adjusted to the loss of her parents. Although she tries to fit in, she feels conflicted and awkward; an easy target for bullies. In an attempt to control her daughter’s mischievous nature, Daybreak creates a dream world where Nightfall can practice being confident and explore her potential. Until Nightfall receives the gift of this special world (Nod) the mares of Terra Steed have never before dreamed. However, Daybreak makes sure that her daughter is never lonely, as sleeping mare life-forces can now pass through the veil between reality and dreams, and visit with her each night. Daybreak also bestows upon her daughter the new name of “Nightfall Nod”.

Since Nightfall Nod is now of both worlds, and no longer requires sleep, Daybreak feels it is necessary to keep her daughter immersed in those worlds. After all, she has only absorbed a small fraction of her mother’s power. She quickly becomes very skilled in managing her magical gifts, and is careful never to expose them in Terra Steed. However, without Nod’s protective veil, and with her generally shy demeanor, her anonymity comes with a hefty price. One day, as classroom bullies tease her, she loses control of her temper and puts them all to sleep.

She is perplexed by this new power. While she can’t decide if it is a blessing or a curse, she is sure of one thing; no mare will ever tease her again. She sees herself exerting more power over the mares of Terra Steed, slowly at first (so as to not be noticed) causing them to become drowsy earlier and earlier each night. She tells her mother that she wants more time with her playmates, and always eager to please, Daybreak permits it.

Nightfall Nod sees the world of Nod becoming Terra Steed’s new day and nighttime reality. The mares will never awaken and be able to tease her again. She is in control. As she presses ahead with this plan, her vision unfolds in a most disturbing way. With an ever-growing number of mares spending more time in the world of Nod, the line between dreams and reality blurs, leaving their life-forces imbalanced.

The blended realities draw out darkness in some and courage in others. Nightfall Nod watches the mares’ daytime personalities make drastic transformations into powerful alter-egos, and the opposing sides clash in vain attempts to reestablish order out of chaos. Daybreak intervenes, but war is inevitable. As mother and daughter clash, a cataclysmic tear rips into the fabric of time, catapulting Daybreak into an uncertain future.

Awakening in present-day Terra Steed, and with order apparently restored, Daybreak has lost her memory and makes new friends who help her regain it. However, each night her world is turned upside down, as they must all brave unimaginable adventures.


 Daybreak – Terra Steed Goddess and Light Bringer

 Dreamer – Dreams Modern Terra Steed Adventures

 Nightfall – Adopted Daughter of Daybreak and Night Bringer

 Nod – Dreams Nightmarish Terra Steed Adventures, Ruler of Nod Dream World.

 Blameless – Rule Follower Extraordinaire

 Bandit – Vigilante and Opposes Rule of Law

 Dogwood – Teacher/Counselor and Optimist

 Drama – Anxious/Fearful and Pessimist



C. Allan Gann (Midnight Mares Creator) always welcomes your questions or suggestions!
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I started my own family operated custom plush toy business in 1999. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked with actors/actresses, rock stars, motion pictures, artists, and businesses of all sizes, in order to help them bring their custom toy visions to life. In 2014, I developed the idea for Midnight Mares as a toy line and animated series. I launched the Midnight Mares teaser trailer at BronyCon 2014 to positive feedback; after which, it logged over 500,000 views on Duo Cartoonist’s YouTube channel, before recently being transferred over to my own.

Midnight Mares was conceived as an intelligent animation offering, which could tackle more mature themes for older children/young adult audiences, than most mainstream cartoons currently address. Topics such as young romance, bullying, and even loss of life, are as real and timely in Terra Steed as they are in our waking world. The Midnight Mares concept and characters were brought to animated life when I selected Duo Cartoonist (“Children of the Night” on YouTube) to complete the initial animation. His dramatic landscapes and beautifully detailed drawings possess a realism that appeals to both younger fans, as well as more mature supporters.

Stay Mare-velous!


Within the next several weeks, the Terra Steed world map will be posted for visitor exploration!


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